Aalborg Küste - legende børn

Stephanie an die Aalborg Küste

Bright, almost white sand and beautiful dunes.

We arrived on Wednesday evening, the 29.05. at our cottage and all important information about the house were described in the email. We quickly found the house key in the key safe and I sent an SMS to the cottage management to let them know that we had arrived. The house looked beautiful exactly like on the website of Feriepartner Denmark. It was clean and we had fresh towels and sheets. The code for the internet (wlan) was also in the email. Hot water, heather, dishes, dishwasher, microwave, oven, washing machine, clothes dryer and so on were available. For the cold season we would have had a fireplace. To relax there was a sauna and a Jacuzzi.

The next morning we went to the bakery Mejdahls Bageri in Hals and since we had already a voucher, we quickly got our 8 rolls and a Brunsviger. It was very delicious.

Stephanie Denenkamp på stranden i Hals

When we arrived at Lodsens Datter, the weather was very stormy. We met there the other family for the first time, who had the same extended weekend program as us. Since it was not possible to do Stand Up Paddling, the hosts of Lodsens Datter already had an alternative for the activities. We visited a sailing ship and the ship's crew welcomed us very friendly and showed us the ship completely and explained a lot. After that we went to Fiskeriforening and watched the fishermen nearing the fishingnets. It was also interesting to learn a little bit about the culture of the city. Before we went back to Lodsens Datter, we fished jellyfish with the kids and dropped them off again. Back at Lodsens Datter we had lunch, which they have picked up for us at Meny Hals. Luckily they had a small play area for the kids and we spend some time there.

Stephanie Denenkamp i Hals

After the mid-sleep of the children we drove to the farm Nymarksminde. Unfortunately, the weather was still stormy, but we still had fun. They all greeted us in a friendly way and we went straight to the tractor for the deer feeding. The kids loved it. When the tractor ride was over, Hopsa arrived. Hopsa is the mascot of Nymarksminde and we took pictures with him.

There was a huge playground there and lots of activities for the kids. A lot of Bobby Cars for the kids, climbing frames, a cottage, sandpit, swings and a soccer field. We were offered coffee and cake and it was all delicious. After that they showed us a lot of animals and the children were able to feed most of them. There were small buckets for the children who could fill them with food.

They have chickens, turkeys, pigs, sheep, ducks, calves, goats. Always there was an employee of Nymarksminde and he has told us many stories about the animals and explains how everything runs there. He took a lot of time for us and was very nice.

When we arrived at the restaurant Strandvejen, they had already expected us. The restaurant is unobtrusive from the outside, but has a very nice interior and is therefore very inviting. For the kids there were delicious kids menus and it tasted very good. My kids ate nuggets with chips, so loved by the kids. We adults got steak with vegetables and potatoes and the meat was very tender and of high quality. As a side dish we still had fries. We recommend this restaurant.

After the meal we went to Missdot, because we wanted to eat something sweet there. They have great ice cream creations and waffles for every taste.

The ferry ride from Hals to Egense went fast and was uncomplicated. The weather was very good that day and there was a lot going on.

At Lille Vildmose Centret we were greeted warmly and were told what to see. Since the deer, moose live outdoors and the area was far away, we could not see them. On this day the weather was very good and sunny and we walked through the park. We saw wild boar from the viewing ramp and then we visited the Tower of Death. Luckily we have buggies for both kids because the paths in the park are very long. For toddlers it is very exhausting.

You would have the opportunity to make a little trip with the peat train, but that would have been at lunchtime. In the main building of the center there is a canteen next to the entrance area and we were able to eat there. We got canapés to eat and ate together with the other family. Then we visited the exhibition in the same building and it was very interesting. Our son (3.5 years old) was thrilled and especially the miniature model of the center interesting. The Eagle Simulator is fun for young and old, and it was cool to see a variety of small animals like mice, rats, snakes, etc. There were also some stuffed animals to see in the exhibit. On the whole, a great wilderness center, but more suitable for older children, although our kids felt comfortable there. Behind the building there was a playground and you would also be able to grill, as they have several barbecue areas for visitors.

Stephanie Denenkamp i Lille Vildmose Centret

When we were in Aalborg we went to Springeren - Maritimes Center. There is an open air exhibition of ships and Co., but the highlight was for us to see the submarine. For the children, the visit was also very pleasant, because they had a playground in the form of a ship to play there. We also saw miniature cases in the Aalborg Miniby. A great trip by good weather.

It was then time to eat in Aalborg. Since we received coins for Aalborg Streetfood, we drove there. The large market hall directly on the Skudehavnen with several stands offers everything your heart desires. Pizza. Pastas, burgers, sandwiches, wrap, fries, Indian food, Japanese food, Moroccan food, waffles, ice cream, etc. You can sit in the market hall or outside and watch the harbor.

On the way to the house we drove to the beach of Hou. We heard that the beach should be very nice and we were not disappointed. Bright, almost white sand, beautiful dunes and the weather was luckily perfect. There is also enough parking space. 

On Saturday we drove to the amusement park Fårup Sommerland. Unfortunately it was very windy and cold on the day. It was not possible to play in the outdoor water park but it looked very promising. The kids still had a lot of fun.The playground was large and suitable for toddlers. The highlights were the excavator, the car parcour and the train ride. The kids and dad had a nice time with the pedal boat. For lunch we ate in the restaurant Loen, where we had pizza and pasta buffet. It was very convenient to eat there, because the offer was very clear and child-friendly.

We really liked the park because it was really suitable for toddlers. Our kids could do alot and there were enough activities.

Stephanie Denenkamp på stranden

We got up early, had breakfast together, packed our things in the car and read the power consumption. We sent an SMS to the holiday home management and informed the current values. The house key we put back in the key safe and then drove home.

It was a very nice time in Hals, Aalborg and generally North Jutland and we recommend this, especially to families. We visited only a part of the attractions in the area and know that there is much more to see. There is always something to do if you want.